Data-Driven, Creative Portfolio

Welcome to the Dawn of the intelligence- powered agency portfolio

Dawn is the creative agency portfolio informed by The Redbox Intelligence engine. With centralized data science, advanced analytics and strategic media, core to The Modern Marketing Model

Finally, the unification of data science, advanced analytics, media and creativity.

Best-in-class data science and advanced analytics informing integrated marketing

Leading global, data-driven strategic media agency

The creative portfolio informed by data, advanced analytics and strategic media

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specialist Agencies.

The most talented agencies, with best-in-class core expertise.

Data, Advanced Analytics + Media at the Center.

Dedicated expertise, technology and senior talent core to modern marketing.

Seamless, Strategic Integration + Collaboration

Structure and culture to drive integration to maximize business impact

Global production + Implementation.

Digital Asset Management System seamlessly delivering localized global communications.

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Critical expertise + resources for talented agencies to aggressively scale and achieve their full potential.

Global scale, infrastructure and implementation
Data and advanced analytics at the center
World class strategic media at the center
Robust, targeted business development pipeline

While maintaining
independence and control.

Big data isn’t about bits, it’s about talent.

Douglas Merrill

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Bob Kantor
Chief Executive Officer, Dawn

Kamran Asghar
Chief Executive Officer, Crossmedia